Indianapolis-based Community Health Network is a leading not-for-profit health system offering convenient access to expert care with passionate patient focus.

Community's leadership reached out the The Customer Group (TCG) to partner in developing a compelling patient experience strategy along with underlying patient journeys designed to deliver on the company's patient-focused mission.

The Customer Group's proven approach to experience design and journey mapping aligned with Community's objective of using patient experience as a market differentiator while improving the quality of care being delivered.


Community’s Office of Patient Experience wanted leading expertise from both within and outside healthcare to conduct detailed patient journey mapping to identify “moments of truth” across the patient episode of care, across the entire patient lifecycle, recognizing that the patient experience is the sum of all patient interactions with the organization over time.

This mapping effort was a means to identify and understand operations and experience improvement opportunities, from “quick wins” to transformational changes.  The challenge was to develop and commit to a patient-centric strategy and articulate exactly what that means, while also operationalizing procedural and technical improvements.


In partnership with Community, TCG constructed several patient experience (PX) journey maps for multiple patient personae. Maps were used to uncover patient priorities and operational and experiential improvement opportunities. Solutions continue to be implemented delivering measurable business results while offering a higher quality patient experience across the continuum of care.

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