Goldman Sachs' Equity Capital Markets division automates transactions between institutional investors and sales traders.

Goldman Sachs envisioned building the "ultimate client interaction center" to support its most important institutional clients.

With the growth of activity and volume within the Equity Capital Markets area of the business, the client recognized an opportunity to better serve their most important clients, the institutional investor, through the development and deployment of an Internet-based service delivery capability. With the introduction of the investment bank's new service offering, the need to offer superior customer service and support to ensure the highest level of client adoption and satisfaction was imperative.


With the impending rollout of the newly developed online service offering, the client needed to develop a fully functional, responsive, knowledgeable and service oriented customer interaction center facility under considerable time and fiscal constraints. The Customer Group, LLC. was selected and engaged to assist in the assessment, development, architecture and deployment of this Customer Interaction Center (CIC).


The Customer Group partnered with Goldman Sachs over fourteen (14) month period to assess the service needs of this select group of valuable customers relative to this new online service. The Customer Group also developed a comprehensive blueprint for the ultimate client interaction center. The blueprint included a detailed operating model, program and process specifications, resource preparation and functional requirements.

The Customer Group also designed a customer data collection processes that enabled the client to optimize the service at the lowest cost per customer contact. A series of metrics and management reports were developed to enable continuous performance monitoring and process improvement. The Customer Group managed the implementation of this plan, developed a comprehensive training program, hired interaction center personnel and even acted as interim manager of the center initially following the launch of the application.

Once the interaction center was operational and successfully supporting the web initiative, The Customer Group continued to be engaged in a number of additional initiatives which directly affected the firms’ client experience. These initiatives included the on-going supervision and management of the Client Interaction Center, assessment and selection of a requirements management tool to assist in the website development and the assessment and selection of a “clickstream” application to measure client site adoption and activity.

Poised to Grow Web-Based Offerings

As promised, The Customer Group facilitated the implementation of a fully staffed and functional interaction center, ensuring that highly trained and licensed professionals would address all client needs in a timely manner from the outset. The center was created with a modular design to enable it to grow as client needs expand. Goldman Sachs is now poised to assume its familiar leadership role in the industry as it increases its web-based offerings.

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