Our Campus Market (OCM) is the premier website for college students and families providing university-approved merchandise for campus living.

Having recently consolidated all of their brands to a centralized website, OCM urgently needed a digital marketing strategy in order to validate their decision.

With only 1 month until the start of their busiest season of the year, OCM turned to The Customer Group (TCG) to rapidly develop, design and deploy a digital marketing strategy through the software platform, Monetate, in order to achieve clear business goals.


The initial challenge was to design a results-driven digital marketing strategy in an extremely tight time frame and then operationalize and execute upon it prior to the start of OCM’s critical sales season.


The Customer Group first worked closely with OCM to define and understand their business and brand goals in both the short- and long-term before performing an extensive analysis of OCM’s customer journey. With this knowledge and understanding, The Customer Group built a results-oriented digital strategy blueprint consisting of several key themes and imperatives. In addition, The Customer Group designed numerous visual representations to demonstrate how their ideas would affect OCM’s online customer experience. Working closely with OCM leadership, The Customer Group aided in the prioritization process that turned the digital marketing strategy blueprint into a detailed roadmap targeting defined goals that seamlessly allowed for OCM and Monetate to begin executing immediately.

OCM launched their personalized digital marketing strategy one week before the start of their most critical season – less than a month after the start of their engagement with The Customer Group and Monetate. Since the start of the busy season and deployment of their digital marketing strategy through Monetate, OCM has seen results with significant lift in their Average Order Value, large incremental revenue gains, and a continuous positive trend in their Conversion Rate.

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