The Line is a modern and personal approach to retail that places style in context with carefully chosen fashion, home, and beauty items.

In the interest of maintaining their brand identity while continuing to grow, The Line commenced the initiative to bring their unique, high-touch, and emotional in-store experience online through digital marketing personalization.

The Line selected Monetate, an industry leader in online multi-channel testing and personalization software, to aid in their initiative. The Customer Group, through a partnership with Monetate, designed a results-oriented digital marketing strategy to be executed through the Monetate platform and deliver a highly personalized customer experience online equal to that of in-store.


The Line’s stores offer shopping experiences made special by their context: the intimate setting of a home. Located in Los Angeles, CA, and New York City, NY, each is arranged as a personal apartment, designed to embody its unique locality and lifestyle. Inviting and immersive, each apartment offers a wide depth of fashion, home, and beauty products as well as highly professional stylists to provide you with a personalized shopping experience. Developing a strategy to recreate this experience in the online space posed a difficult challenge.


The Customer Group worked closely with members at The Line to design a digital marketing strategy to be executed through Monetate’s platform to enhance the online experience. TCG conducted a Customer Experience Analysis of the website from the customer’s perspective, to understand the steps of the customer life cycle. In addition, TCG performed research on the customer experience that occurs in the apartments. Using this information as well as historical online data, TCG identified the highest impact opportunities – those of high importance and historical low performance.

The Customer Group presented its research findings to The Line and began working together through on-site ideation sessions, prioritization, and discussions to design a detailed digital marketing strategy that aligned with The Line’s business goals. The result was an optimization and personalization roadmap with specific imperatives aimed to bring the unique apartment customer experience online and designed to allow for seamless transition from strategy to execution to results with the aid of Monetate.

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