UPS Capital offers traditional and non-traditional financial services & insurance solutions to customers, improving supply chain performance and reducing risk.

In the interest of extending their growth and success into the future, UPS Capital commenced an initiative to formalize their customer relationship management (CRM) strategy to include defining and ultimately implementing the customer-focused process and systems to enable the strategy.

To assist in this initiative, UPS Capital turned to The Customer Group (TCG) to work closely in the design of a CRM strategy, setting the stage for the timely and cost-effective implementation of loyalty driving tactics in a scalable and consistent manner.


The Customer Group, working as both Advisor and Architect, leveraged its proven Customer Acuity approach in working with UPS Capital to design a CRM Strategy and operational elements.

Designing around the customer

TCG began by putting the customer first and then building around an understanding of what is most important to the UPS Capital customer. TCG and UPS Capital defined the “vision” for the customer experience and then engineered the supporting infrastructure, processes, personnel, roles and metrics to successfully deliver the desired customer experience and business results.


Over a 6-week timeframe The Customer Group:

  • Defined the desired Customer Experience Vision
  • Architected the CRM Vision
  • Outlined an action plan to implement (“Roadmap”)
Changing to Expand into the Future

Working with The Customer Group to develop a CRM strategy, UPS Capital is now poised to further expand and help businesses to grow – and glow – with financing help from UPS!

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