Wells Fargo is a leader in the home mortgage industry.

The home mortgage industry had long been known for sub-par customer experience. The refinance boom in 2002-2003 had further stressed Wells Fargo's infrastructure and capabilities to keep up with customer demand.

The Customer Group was selected to conduct extensive research into the mortgage customer experience, mapping the customer lifecycle and identifying both areas of service failure as well as opportunities for innovation and increased retention. Cross functional design and implementation teams guided a wide array of customer experience improvement efforts


Wells Fargo management recognized that customer experience needed to be the primary focus of efforts to differentiate in a very competitive industry. As the housing boom continued, the marketplace was expanding with niche providers adding heightened levels of service.

This challenge underscored the need for improved focus on customer requirements – simplify the process, have knowledgeable and professional loan representatives, provide accurate quotes and documentation, follow through on promises, process applications and on-going payments accurately, and remedy problems quickly and fairly.


The Customer Group worked closely with senior leaders at Wells Fargo to create the Strategic Design and Integration division (SDI) focused on “operationalizing” an updated customer-focused vision and strategy. TCG conducted a comprehensive Customer Experience Analysis to identify, from the customer’s perspective, the key areas and initiatives to be launched in the coming years to improve the customer experience.

The Customer Group went directly to existing and potential customers to uncover how consumers view the mortgage experience. Focus groups, ideation sessions, mystery shopping, and a conjoint survey were conducted to understand the steps of the customer lifecycle and identify highest impact opportunities – those of high importance and historical low performance. A thorough review of existing customer satisfaction tools and metrics as well as an analysis of quality assurance programs in the customer care centers provided additional insight into current operational performance. The result was a Planning Roadmap with specific programs designed to directly impact the customer experience.

Changing the Customer Experience

Despite a reputation of poor customer service in the mortgage industry, WellsFargo Home Mortgage took the necessary steps to change this reality in their company. In working with The Customer Group, the company turned the mortgage process into a satisfying and rewarding experience for its customers.

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