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Your contact center has great potential to play a key role in how you deliver service and support product.

Delivering the optimal contact center experience for your customer across all channels differentiates you from the competition. TCG provides the strategic experience, recommendations, and implementation support to guide you in making fundamental business decisions based on your desired customer experience and KPIs.

Let the keen minds and experienced eyes and ears of TCG understand your customer. With that information, we’ll analyze data across your customer’s journey and design a strategy to build an effective contact center that delivers a personalized and seamless experience for your customer.


An optimal contact center experience requires more than just a playbook of organizational processes.

With an understanding of your customer personae and journeys, TCG analyzes your experience and designs custom-crafted solutions that leverage the RIGHT technology to optimize your experience across ALL channels (voice, email, chat, social, virtual).

Your contact center can make or break the customer relationship. TCG will ensure your contact center operation provides a personalized customer experience that delivers measurable business results.

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Development & Technology

When you choose the wrong technology as a solution, it’s like the tail wagging the dog.

Let TCG help you understand and sort through the supporting technologies that will deliver on the designed vision.

We’ll focus on vendor-agnostic technology recommendations and selection processes for each component – end to end. You can be confident that your contact center will deliver the desired KPIs at the right cost while never losing sight of the customer.

Extend & Grow

Workforce Optimization, Training & QA

The best technologies and processes can’t succeed on their own… it takes people power to fuel every aspect of your contact center. Delivering the optimal customer experience hinges on how you recruit, hire, train, coach, supervise, monitor, and manage employee performance.

We bring the latest knowledge, skills, and tools to enable you and your team to deliver the optimal contact center experience to your customer. Let’s roll up our sleeves and deliver for your customer.

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