Target and capitalize on personalized customer experiences.
Let’s get personal.

Forces Combined: Monetate & TCG Deliver Personalization Software

We’ve teamed up with Monetate to produce powerful multi-channel testing and personalization.

Know your customers better.

When it comes to enabling high-caliber personalized experiences for your customers, Monetate leads the pack. When combined with TCG’s strategic, analytical, and design expertise, the results are limited only by your imagination.
With Monetate, the leader in personalization software, you can deliver individualized experiences by making decisions about your brand’s interaction with them on a 1-to-1 basis. With TCG at your side designing compelling experiences, positive ROI naturally follows.

Dynamic Testing

Monetate’s online machine-learning models determine which data is most relevant and which action will be most likely to deliver a given goal metric. TCG helps you design and decide what to test, increasing your delivery capacity in a bandwidth-constrained world.

Built for Speed

Monetate’ s legendary ease of use and scalability deliver a true 1-to-1 experience to every one of your customers. Now. With TCG , you will deploy better and faster than trying to go it alone.

Powerful Connections

Monetate and TCG connect all of your channels to deliver individually-made decisions on personalized experiences across all of your touchpoints.

Combined with our leading resources, it’s a match that can’t be beat.

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Connecting digital realities to your company’s strategy.

From the word “go,” we are in the trenches with you and your team. We listen to what your customers have to say and what they are not saying. We see how they behave and position each digital interaction logically along their journey as they interact with you.

Information is analyzed across an array of data points from throughout your operation and marketplace, allowing us to garner insights into your customer that uncover opportunities and develop strategies that drive engagement and conversion.


Opportunities come to life through visualization & design.

With goals and initiatives clearly defined, TCG works in conjunction with your team to thoughtfully design highly relevant experiences based on curated data and insights. We develop a detailed plan (aka the “roadmap”) for deployment to constantly drive measurable business impact.

From research to results, TCG has you covered.



TCG leverages the right technical resources to fit your needs.

In conjunction with Monetate and your IT resources, we leverage and enable the right technical skills to insure all experiences are built and working to fit your needs on desktops and mobile.

Our developers assure the quality of each experience so that you are confident that Monetate experiences will work seamlessly with your e-commerce platform.


We’re here 24/7/365 until infinity.

Along with TCG team collaboration, you can leverage the Monetate Support Team, including the Monetate Knowledge Base, with content that supports you 24/7. These combined forces ensure that any issue you may have is resolved quickly and effectively.

With Monetate + TCG, you are covered.

Let's get to know your customers better together.

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